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Trip Reports

Kaitlyn Zeichick

California 14ers

Red Rocks Multipitches

  • Olive Oil (5 pitches, 5.7)
  • Cat in the Hat (6 pitches, 5.6)
  • Birdland (6 pitches, 5.7+)
  • Dark Shadows Full (10 pitches, 5.8)
  • Armatron (6 pitches, 5.9-)
  • Big Bad Wolf (3 pitches, 5.9)
  • All that, Jazz (3 pitches, 5.8)
  • Black Orpheus (10 pitches, 5.9+)
  • Johnny Vegas (4 pitches, 5.7) and Solar Slab (9 pitches, 5.6)

North Cascades, Washington

  • Sisyphus (10 pitches, 5.11a sport)
  • Flyboys (18 pitches, 5.9 sport)
  • Southwest Rib (7 pitches, 5.8)
  • Cutthroat Peak (via North Ridge) (8 pitches, 5.7)
  • Prime Rib (11 pitches, 5.9-)

Lassen National Park

King’s Canyon, Sequoia, and Yosemite

LA County Hikes

  • Mount Baldy
  • Cucamonga Peak
  • Ice House Canyon

Tahoe, California

  • Dicks Peak (Eagle Lake Trailhead to Dicks Lake to Aloha Lake to Dicks Peak to Fontanillis Lake, 3 nights backpacking)

Moab, Utah

  • Castleton (via North Chimney) (4 pitches, 5.9)
  • Ancient Art (Stolen Chimney) (4 pitches, 5.10 A0)


  • Grand Teton (via Owen Spalding) (3 pitches, 5.4)
  • Devil’s Tower (via Durrance) (6 pitches, 5.7+)


  • Alpine Peak (Class 2)


Bear Creek Spire

Date: September 17th, 2022 Route: Northeast Ridge Difficulty: Easy 5th Last year we made an attempt on Bear Creek Spire and didn’t make it to the top, but we should have. This year we made it to the top, but we shouldn’t have. It was 5am when the alarms started blaring. The windows were layeredContinue reading “Bear Creek Spire”

Beehive Five

Date: July 17th, 2022 Distance: 8.5 miles Grade: 5.4 Time: 9 hours Intro The Beehive Five is a fantastic ridge traverse of five different peaks in Northern Idaho, just west of Bonners Ferry. And while the Beehive Five itself was fun and went to plan, our night of sleep before the traverse decidedly did notContinue reading “Beehive Five”

Cottonwood Traverse

Intro Full disclosure: We technically didn’t do the full Cottonwood Traverse because we skipped Broads Fork Twin Peaks. But I am God of this blog and “Cottonwood Traverse without Broads Fork Peaks” isn’t a catchy title, so I’m calling this the Cottonwood Traverse.  The full Cottonwood Ridge Traverse is a long granite ridge in theContinue reading “Cottonwood Traverse”

Matthes Crest

Date: August 28th, 2021 Route: Matthes Crest Traverse – South to North, ending at the North Tower Difficulty: 5.7 Time: ~14 hours Intro: Matthes Crest was my second ever multipitch back in October of 2017. We had gotten a late start, and Brennen had led the way while I struggled through the five mile approachContinue reading “Matthes Crest”

Mount Conness

Ascent Route: North Ridge Descent Route: East Ridge Time: 10 hours Date: July 24th, 2021 Intro: Bouldering is fun, sport climbing is a blast, and trad is an adventure, but long and easy ridges in the alpine are the most peaceful, addictive high I’ve ever experienced. Seeing an alpine ridge always feels as surreal asContinue reading “Mount Conness”

Polemonium and Sill

Dates: July 3rd-July 5th, 2021 Polemonium Peak Elevation: 14,081′ Mount Sill Elevation: 14,154′ Intro: Polemonium Peak and Mount Sill were the last two 14ers Brennen and I had to climb to have completed all 15 California 14ers. Some people argue that only 12 of them are “true” 14ers (since some of them are too closeContinue reading “Polemonium and Sill”

Split Mountain

Date: June 8th, 2021 Peak elevation: 14,064′ Miles round-trip: 13.7 (according to AllTrails) Elevation gain: 7,444′ Intro: If you’ve read my other trip reports, you know that this is the third time I’ve made it to the trailhead of Split Mountain. The first time was September of 2019, when we drove in during an activeContinue reading “Split Mountain”

Black Orpheus

Length and grade: 10 pitches (or 11 according to Mtn Project), 5.9+ Date: December 6th, 2020 Intro: Brennen and I woke up with the intent of climbing Solar Slab that morning. We pulled up at the Middle Oak Creek trailhead at 5:20am, and several other cars of climbers were already about to hit the trail.Continue reading “Black Orpheus”


Length and Grade: 6 pitches, 5.9- Date: November 29th, 2020 Approach: Brennen and I sat in line with another 15 cars at the start of the Red Rocks Scenic loop at 6am. Nobody except rock-climbers shows up to the loop at 6am, and all (okay, most) rock-climbers know it’s proper etiquette to let whoever showedContinue reading “Armatron”

12-Hour Four Volcanoes Challenge

Date: August 29th, 2020 Total miles: ~21.6 Total elevation: ~7,313 feet ——————————————————————- Brokeoff Mountain (Composite): 7.6 miles, 2,582 feet Mount Lassen (Plug Dome): 5.1 miles, 1,968 feet Prospect Peak (Shield): 6.9 miles, 2,263 feet Cinder Cone (Cinder Cone): 4 miles (round trip), 1,043 feet ——————————————————————- Times: 7:20-9:50am: Hiked Brokeoff 9:50-10:20am: Drove to Lassen 10:20-1:07pm: HikedContinue reading “12-Hour Four Volcanoes Challenge”

Mount Shasta

Date: August 10th, 2020 Mount Shasta’s Elevation: 14,179′ Hike elevation: 7,650′ Miles Round-Trip: 14 The Drive: August 9th, 2020 To get to the trailhead we went to AllTrails and clicked “Directions,” which took us most of the way there, but not the entire way. Luckily, the AllTrails directions end at the same place where “ClearContinue reading “Mount Shasta”

Middle Palisade

Date: September 14th, 2019 Peak Elevation: 14,019′ Miles round-trip: 16.2 Elevation Gain: 6,873′ Intro: As a weekend outing Brennen and I decided to hike Split Mountain on September 14th, 2019. On September 13th we began our drive to the trailhead. We passed a firetruck, and as we passed they flashed their headlights (odd). We droveContinue reading “Middle Palisade”

Mt. Williamson and Mt. Tyndall (during an earthquake)

Dates: June 23-25, 2020 Peak elevation (Williamson): 14,375′ Peak elevation (Tyndall): 14,018′ Distance to Williamson from trailhead (AllTrails): 11.1 miles (one way) Distance to Tyndall from trailhead (AllTrails): 9.7 miles (one way) Total distance according to my iPhone: 44.1 (round trip, big discrepancy from AllTrails) Intro We planned this trip a few days before ourContinue reading “Mt. Williamson and Mt. Tyndall (during an earthquake)”

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